About Us

Thanks for wanting to learn a little bit about us at Sinra Brands! Sinra Brands was started in 2023 by Raian Foran in El Paso, Texas with a singular goal in mind. Easy, understandable, affordable website design services that don’t disillusion you with smoke and mirrors. How many times have you been reached out to by marketing agents promising you the world, only to deliver subpar or no results at all? We started our website design journey over a decade ago at a marketing company located in Fort Myers, Florida. After seeing firsthand the overpromising, underdelivering, and just straight up lies we ventured out on our own to make sure that when clients hire us, they know that everything they see and hear is exactly what they get. With a deep passion for building websites, and building up our clients confidence in themselves to succeed we knew that this was the path for us. 

About The Owner

Raian first started his journey in the website design business 10+ years ago. First learning HTML coding from MySpace of all places, he found that he found genuine joy rummaging around the code and dissecting it to fit his needs.  He found himself selling MySpace layouts to school friends to make a few bucks here and there. From the joy he found doing that it eventually led him to learning how CSS and Javascript were written, how to read them, and how to manipulate the code to fit whatever needs he may have wanted them accomplish. After MySpace (unfortunately) shut down, he started working at a marketing company in Fort Myers, Florida where he would hone his skills even further. Originally, he was only supposed to be an office manager but that quickly turned into graphic designer, website designer, and whatever else position the marketing company needed him for. After leaving the marketing company, he worked at a print shop where he would design business cards, flyers, banners, and the like while also producing the products as well. He did that for about 5 or 6 years, only to realize “Why am I getting paid a measly $13 an hour when I know that this skillset is worth way more?” So he departed from that line of business and continued to hone his skills, this time in El Paso, Texas where he had moved after Hurricane Harvey hit and made him lose his apartment in Houston, Texas. It was only after his best friend, Carly, started her own business that he felt inspired to open up again, this time on his own after seeing how much joy he could bring business owners for a skillset he genuinely enjoyed and felt passionate about.